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Our Supporting Partner

You will find below a brief description of our funding partners as stated below:



The European Commission signed the financing Agreement for the Micro Projects Programme (MPP9) in the Nine Niger Delta States (Rivers, Beyelsa, Cross River, Edo, Ondo, Abia, Imo, Akwa Ibom and Delta). The Purpose of the Mpp9 Program is to support reforms, through offering models of transparency and participation in micro projects which increase access to socio-economic infrastructure services, income generating options, sustainable livelihood options, gender equity and community empowerment (including youth).

The CDF has been selected to implement the program by developing an overall work-plan covering the entire program period. The work-plan provided details of activities planned for the program management and co-ordination as well as the launching of the call for proposals.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

CDF has successfully collaborated with the UNDP using three states namely Imo, Kwara and Osun for the pilot study on " Credit Delivery for UNDP enterprise Development." The mid-term evaluation of the pilot study revealed that the CDF credit delivery methodology was quite effective.


Consequently, the Foundation is now working with UNDP on a project with wider scope, which involves the provision of capacity-building services and training, and credit assistance to identified women groups in thirteen (13) states of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory. Loans totaling about N5.05 million have been disbursed to twenty-two of these groups while those that have demonstrated track records have been assisted ever and over and scaled-up.

LiveWIRE Nigeria Project

Community Development Foundation (CDF) is implementing the LiveWIRE Nigeria Program in the Niger-Delta region covering 7 (seven) States of the South-East/South-South Nigeria. The Goal of the Project is to encourage entrepreneurship among youths through awareness creation; business awards competitions and provision of practical business support those that choose to start up businesses.

The activities are to raise awareness amongst well-educated (University Students) and young school leavers to develop good business ideas, start-up and own their businesses. Other support programmes under the LiveWIRE project include business awareness forum, business mentorship programme and micro credit.


Youth between the age ranges of 18 - 30 years only can qualify for assistance through this project. The youths are exposed to different entrepreneurship programs covering “Become a Successful Business Owner (BSOM), Manager, Bright Ideas Workshop and Business Awareness Forum BAF). A total of 580 youths have been trained under these programs. Trainees are drawn from all the Niger Delta States.

Nigeria Agip Oil Company - Green River Project (c-GRP) Obrikom

The Foundation has since 1996 been collaborating with the NAOC-GRP, Obrikom, Rivers State, which is an extension program of the Nigerian Agip Oil Company operating in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. As at December 1998 the Foundation has provided credit, training and advisory services for three groups identified by the Green River Project in Aggah, Okposi (Rivers State) and Kwale (Delta State). It is envisaged that the cooperation between both organizations would be further expanded in the current year to include other programs and locations of NAOC in the Niger Delta region.

Micro Credit Federation of Nigeria

The MFN is a new initiative to form a national association of MFI in Nigeria. The Foundation is currently the Chairman of the Caretaker Committee set up to steer the affairs of the MFN.


Founded in 1936, the foundation operated as a local philanthropy in the state of Michigan until 1950, when it expanded to become a national and international foundation. Since its inception it has been an independent, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization.


The Ford Foundation through its West African office based in Lagos provided the initial funding for the establishment of CDF, and has continued to fund the foundation's programs till date.

Ford Foundation
320 East 43rd Street
New York, New York
10017 USA 212-573-5000

Heinrich Boll Foundation (HBF)

The Foundation has collaborated with HBF in the review of the micro-credit scheme of one of its grantees. CDF is currently developing policies and procedures for the micro-credit of HBF and providing technical support for an initial period.

Evangelischer Entwicklungdienst (EED)

EED was established in 1999 upon the initiative of the EKD by the German Protestant and Free Churches including the Old Catholic Church, the Independent Evangelical Lutheran Churches, and the Protestant Churches, and Missions.

The EED merges with the formerly independent organisations of the Church Development services:


  • Service Overseas (DU), Lienfelden-Echterdingen
  • Protestant Association for Cooperation and Development (EZE) Bonn
  • The Churches Development Service(KED) within the Church Office of the EKD, Hanover
  • Committee of Ecumenical Mission and Service (OMW), Hamburg
  • The EZE has been supporting CDF programs since 1996 through grants and Capacity Building.
  • This support has continued through the EED



Evangelischer Entwicklungdienst
Ulrich-von-Hassel-Str. 76
D-53123 Bonn/Germany +49-228-8101-0

Partners for Development, Markurdi

CDF has also collaborated with an International NGO-Partners for Development in development of policies and procedure for its grant and micro-credit operations as well as that of its grantees. Trainings were also provided for PFDs staff and grantee organization.

Community Development and Micro finance Roundtable (CDMR)


This is a body of independent and autonomous constituent member-organizations involved in community development activities in Nigeria. CDF is a technical member of this association and has been engaged in the provision of capacity - building services to the members particularly in the area of systems development and managing of micro - credit delivery for sustainability.

One of the major challenges of CDF has been to link up its well established clients that have acquired the internal capacity to manage larger loan portfolios and resources, to other sources of funding. CDF has been in discussion with several financing organisations, one of which is the EED (formerly Evangelische Zentralshilfe Entwickli\ung, EZE), on the Special Package Programme it has for supporting worldwide, micro-finance institutions that have proven potentials for growth. CDF got the opportunity to Meet for the needs of micro-finance institutions in Nigeria that have such potentials when it received approval to administer the EED Package Programme.

As part of the programme implementation strategies, the Executive Director and a member of the Board of Directors attended a workshop in India on “Complex Forms of Cooperation , through which CDF have gained knowledge into how the Package programme of EED is operated, as well as on managing similar forms of Cooperation. Some of CDFs responsibility as the "Legal Project Holder under the Cooperative Agreement, included developing selection criteria, processing applications by micro-finance institutions with potentials for growth, conducting organizational capability surveys on them, reporting to EED, coordinating the proposal writing of selected institutions, monitoring and conducting impact assessment on them. These activities are being done in a most participatory manner.

Governmental Organizations

The CDF has been collaborating with governmental agencies and ministries such as the Agricultural Development Projects (ADPs), the States' Ministry of Women Affairs, and the Ministry of Commerce and Cooperatives, in the area of identification of viable self-help groups requiring credit assistance.


After identification and subsequent nomination by the governmental agency to CDF, such groups are subjected to our own assessment using our criteria after which necessary capacity building services are provided (where necessary) and credit is eventually advanced.

Other NGOs

The Foundation also collaborates with other NGOs such as Technoserve Nigeria and IRED W.A. either in the area of joint capacity - building of any group/project so identified by them and/or solely financing such groups or project

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