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Institutional Capacity Building

Institutionalization and transformation of Client-Partner Organization:

Most of the institutions we have supported have clearly codified policies and procedures with clearly defined roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders. This have encourages active participation of members, as full authority is no longer vested solely on founding members of these institutions or their close associates. This is helping to ensure that the institutions outlive the original founders. Many of the clients have therefore witnessed smooth succession changes. Equally, the savings and credit programs of the clients have been transformed from merry-go-round supply-driven schemes to demand-driven ones, with tremendous improvements in their record keeping systems.

It is therefore no gain-saying that CDF is regarded as a quality label stamp in the MFI sector in Nigeria as some of the clients have been engaged by multilateral organization (e.g. UNDP) to act as administrators of their micro-credit schemes in some states of Nigeria.


Capacity-Building and Technical Assistance:

The Foundation provides services to support the institutional capacity development of grassroots-based institutions that support the rural poor and their communities. A participatory organizational self-capacity assessment initiative (POSCA) is being employed as a capacity building intervention strategy to strengthen organizational systems, outreach, growth and sustainability. Other technical support services provided include the provision of business development service, record keeping, operational procedures and policies for needy clients.



These are supported through grants and represent the seed development fund that prepares the ground for the long-term sustainability of the institutions.

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